My opinion of the trucking industry

Heath Shuler’s opinion on the trucking industry

Nelson International Dickinson, North DakotaThe trucking industry as of late is struggling to find drivers. There is so much freight to move this day and age but not enough qualified people to get the goods from place to place. The biggest struggle right now is in the oil fields of Western North Dakota. The industry is booming and truck dealerships have more work than ever to keep those trucks on the road to help the trucking companies be as efficient as possible.

Nelson International of North Dakota and Minnesota is one of the largest and most well know truck dealers in the area. They have been around for over 50 years and have seen it all, but nothing like this. Nelson International is a Navistar International truck dealer where you can buy a International, Kenworth, Frieghtliner, Volvo or Peterbilt Truck in North Dakota and Minnesota. They have been selling more trucks than ever and an even bigger part of their business as of late, due to the below average roads, is the parts side of the business. If you are looking to buy heavy duty all makes semi truck parts in North Dakota and Minnesota, Nelson International is the place to go.

Representatives from the company say that the most difficult thing about the booming business is keeping up in the shop. If you are trying to service a class 8 semi truck, it can be as long as a two week wait to get it in. Nelson Leasing has found ways to keep the trucking companies moving as well as the owner operators. They are one of the best places to lease a truck in Fargo, Bismarck, Dickinson, and Willmar.

People in this economy should have no reason to complain because there is more work than these companies can find people for.

And that’s the Heath Shuler Opinion!

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