My opinion of the Email Time Machine and Sending anonymous emails

Sending Anonymous Emails with The Email Time Machine

Sending anonymous emailsThe concept of sending anonymous emails online is new and foreign to most people. It has only been around for a few years now and is gaining momentum. 25 years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that the concept of the internet was even possible. But people have spent hours and hours honing it to what it is today. The Email Time Machine is one of those tools that can be used to do some crazy things with the power of email.

If you visit the Email Time Machine you will find that they have given you the option to send and anonymous email online. This technology can also backdate the email to whatever date you would like and you can also do this in bulk with email lists or whatever you want. For example, you are able to send an email from President Barack Obama to any of your friends or anyone you would like.

So overall my opinion of this software/technology is that it is very interesting and state of the art, HOWEVER, using this is illegal ways is never condoned in any way, shape or form. Use at your own risk.

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